PART 1: Fight Back

"His eyes don't recognize me
any more
but his hands keep attacking
and I keep reacting
like I can fix it..."

PART 2: Lil'Bit

"She was a bad chick
said stuff like
'let a fool try to put his hands on this.
I got people, he better self correct. I
ain't study-in' his mess'
but one night..."

PART 3: Enough


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WHY the Take Back Trilogy?

🔥 because domestic violence is not "her" problem, it's ours

🔥 because it's not just violence against women, it's violence against your sister, your mother, your daughter

🔥 because 1 in 4 women have been abused by their lovers

🔥 because the statics are based on the ones who report the violence and I don't believe everyone reports

🔥 because too many men who beat their wives used to boys exposed to abuse themselves and it's still NOT ok to hurt "her"

🔥 because it happened to me

🔥 because if you survive the violence, the physical abuse, then the emotional scars can linger

🔥 because if this can change one life at a time, offer a WAKE-UP call, offer a chance to BREAK-FREE, offer the BRAVERY to pursue better, to chase healing, then it's worth it

🔥 because "she" matters and her daughters and her sons need to know it and she does too 

🔥 because sometimes the simplest reminder can go a long way

Inspire her. Cover her. Share this page.