after the fairy
tale cracks?

raw honesty…

their arguments…

built up to one perfect fight, one
messed up honeymoon and
something that felt more
like a movie than real
life. she survived
the night. so,
what next?

watch the trailer…

what readers say
“wake me” is… love lessons wrapped in poetry sessions
“like Maya Angelou ~
professional, epic, powerful”

“listening almost feels like therapy.”

“what Mary J & Adele give women
in music, you give it
with words”


is a reminder
that at some point
every woman has a wake me
moment where she decides what
happens next. In honor of that reality,
wake me poetry exposes and celebrates
those life-changing decisions. Shared in two
parts: THE FALL and THE RISE, this is a
collection of uplifting poems for her and
a battle cry to stand up for the
revolution that matters
most ~ the one

my bedroom wall was
tattooed with…

poems & prayers

filled with typed and
handwritten scriptures.
notes on jagged

journal pages. 
I found peace
in those words.
And I
them the way
a child eats
them like air:
✨beauty for ashes 
✨double for trouble 
✨fearfully, wonderfully made
That was the last thing I saw between
night tears and morning light.
Tacking my hopes and
prayers on that wall,
I found my voice
again ~ bold & 
broken. But
it was still

wake. me. In
a lot of ways my
poetry came from
that wailing

hi, i'm jamillah warner, aka…

hotPrayers & Poetry

And to this day I play with my alphabet the same way the 5-year-old me played with mud ~ wild and curious. And I write, not just for me. But for warriors like me who overcome all kinds of broken things including broken relationships, thoughts & dreams. My style is ~ raw, honest, and sometimes, on the dramatic side. A unique blend of poems, stories and spoken word that we call ~ THE FIRE MIX

i know how…

pain can change

the best parts of you into something you barely recognize. But wake me poetry is about how we rise. This isn't your typical poetry book. Instead of microwave poems or something that requires a dictionary to read, these are conversational, lyrical and designed for healing.

It's what I learned right after divorce and domestic violence, and right before hope, or somewhere in the messy middle. It's not perfect. It's life. A reminder that just because you're strong enough to deal with a thing doesn't mean you should have to.

So take this moment to embrace your own wake me for love and life, one deliberate step at a time ~ jamillah

“one of the most beautifully depicted stories of triumph…
the way the author gracefully walks you through her
journey of pain, trauma, grief, depression, and utter
brokenness to self discovery.”