Never Give Up on YOU - the Revolution that Matters MostHot like someone sounded an alarm to wake up the sleeping giant and survivor in YOU. Hot hope and pain woven into poetry, story and spoken word to inspire YOU. Hot more than a book, a cd, or a designer tee. It's a movement, a fire demanding that YOU

...never give up on your dreams.

You may have spent hundreds of emotional hours pouring into something that you believed in. Just to have it all fall a part. 

...sometimes real life is a beast

But you're still strong enough to survive it all. Real life very seldom turns out like a fairytale. Real life gets messy and hard sometimes. Real life gets gritty. But you can get gritty too

MAYBE FOR TV — But Not My Real Life

Broken hearts make the best stories in books and films and what not. But in real life broken hearts are just that — broken. And I can't live there. Can you?

IN THE MOVIES — 1000 nights pass by... one second. But in real life those years carry tears that sometimes feel endless and triggers that set off by surprise. But it also carries laughter that reminds you to keep breathing — to never give up on your breakthrough. Cause you're worth the push. You're worth the hope.

A GIFT — I wrote this for you...

bk.Never Give


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...quotables from the course:

NEVER GIVE UP: "Sometimes waking up the strong YOU hurts - like weightlifting - the soreness means break down & then break through to a better YOU" - Lady J @ -
NEVER GIVE UP: "I think you can handle it, but what YOU think matters most" - Lady J @ -
NEVER GIVE UP: "When you’re moving away from mess remember who you are - you are breakthrough - you are growth - you are a revolution" - Lady J @ -
NEVER GIVE UP: "You can't make grown people act the way you want them to but YOU can make moves to change your future" - Lady J @ -
NEVER GIVE UP: "You can be so close to beauty that you miss it. Pause, cry, breath & then look at your situation again. You survive & you're beautiful because of it" - Lady J @
NEVER GIVE UP: "Take the right steps so the best of you shows up for the real thing - cause romantic love is sexy when you're ready for it" - Lady J @ -
NEVER GIVE UP: "Always remember who you are - you're strong enough to never give up on YOU" - Lady J @ -
NEVER GIVE UP: "You don’t have to keep wallowing in the ashes of what fell a part - you can own your survival - you can own the revolution that is YOU" - Lady J @ -
NEVER GIVE UP: "Just because your eyes are open doesn't mean you're free - it means you're aware. - but freedom and awareness aren’t the same thing" - Lady J @ -
NEVER GIVE UP: "You can know it's bad & do nothing to fix it #BreakFree" - Lady J @
NEVER GIVE UP: "You can’t change your past but YOU still have power. You can change YOU & how you respond to your present" - Lady J @ -
NEVER GIVE UP: "It’s easy to take parts of your life for granted. Too easy. So what has to happen to make it matter more?" - Lady J @ -
NEVER GIVE UP: "They got it all wrong about you. Whoever said you’re not good enough...not strong enough, they got it wrong. Now recognize the truth beautiful" - Lady J @ -
NEVER GIVE UP: "If you get under a new love before you get over an old love - you hurt your chances of discovering a real love #JustSaying" - Lady J @ -
NEVER GIVE UP: "Do the real work to upgrade your life and no matter what keep moving forward" - Lady J @ -
NEVER GIVE UP: "If you don’t deal with the pain, the pain will deal with you....Whatever it is, if you don’t handle it, eventually that ache will try to steal your dream" - Lady J @ -